Bagis Comedy


In the fall of 2022, I was tasked with creating artwork for the newly started stand-up comedy club, Bagis Comedy, in Bagarmossen, Stockholm. The crucial factors for the organizers and Bagarmossens Folketshus were to emphasize the location, make the club local, and ensure that the graphic communication would be closely tied to their other activities. The club features new comedians performing at every event, which added an interesting challenge to the project.


My initial goals for the project were:

  • Identify the significant aspects of Bagarmossen
  • Find a way to connect Bagis Comedy with the other activities
  • Create a style that can be reused and varied with different comedians over time


I started by creating the logo. First, I looked through my own fonts and then Adobe Fonts, but none seemed to fit. Instead, I took inspiration from the typography used by Bagarmossens Folketshus.

In my initial approach, I sought to base my artwork on a building or other landmark. However, after several Google searches and image searches, I realized there wasn’t a clear point of reference. This led me to a redesign where I used a map of Bagarmossen and started sketching out the streets to create a backdrop for posters and social media postings.


The map-based design turned out to be promising. I wanted to highlight and show the potential of Bagarmossen’s subway to reach an audience that was ’söder om söder’ (a Swedish phrase, translating to ’south of the south’). A sketched sign of the subway was included in the background. To add more life to the design, I chose to test different gradients. These gradients also helped to mark the uniqueness of each event the club runs.


The artwork successfully communicated the local and unique feel of the Bagis Comedy club, tying it closely to the community and other activities at Bagarmossens Folketshus. The design was well-received and helped establish the identity of the club, making it a recognizable fixture in the local scene.